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The Diet to End All Diets- hCG Injections

What if I told you could stop being overweight overnight?  Would you be on board?

Well you can’t really be thin overnight, but I have discovered a way to lose excess weight fairly quickly- a lot quicker than most traditional diets.

The hCG Diet has actually been around for more than 60 years, and it involves the use of the hCG hormone (a hormone women make in abundance when pregnant believe it or not) injected in very minute amounts into your fat, combined with a very low calorie diet (500 to be exact).

It appears there are different ways people administer the hCG while on the diet, but the traditional and so far from what I’ve researched most effective way is with hCG Injections.   The scary part isn’t actually the diet.  I’ve seen plenty of people do very well on it and maintain their weightloss.  It’s finding a source you can trust that is the concern.  The list of hCGer sellers is HUGE, many of which do not even carry real hCG.  Many of them are selling ‘hCG activators’ (let’s de-code that one:  NO actual hCG inside) that the undiscerning will not realize is not actually hCG.

This source is truly reliable- they use a high quality pharmacy in the U.S. to produce their hCG Injections:

Does this diet sound extreme?  On the surface, yes.  Are the consequences of being overweight extreme?  Definitely, yes.  Could it be worth your time to investigate the hCG diet a little further to see if there is more to it than meets the skeptical eye?  I’ll let you decide that.






Why Diets Really Suck, But Why They’re Worth It

Diets suck.


They really do.  I know that, and you know that.


You have to eat less than your body needs to maintain- which means you will often be hungry (although actually there IS a work around for this on one particular diet- more on that later).


Your mood is grumpier.


Your social life goes down the tubes.


In fact, after I thought of writing this blogpost, I decided to do a youtube search on why diets suck, and guess what?  I’m not the only one who’s thought this.


You’re having to put your body into a state of non-normalcy in order to lose weight, and that’s why it’s hard.  Anytime you don’t feel normal, life is harder.


In the end though, millions of people believe it’s worth it because they go on diets every year- often more than one diet, and often more than once a year.


Why?  Because it also sucks being overweight.


If you can get through the yuckiness of the diet to a better body, usually people are pretty happy in their new body, and you can go back to eating at least at a maintenance level (even if of course it’s now healthier overall than you used to eat) and have a satisfied tummy.

What Defines a Healthy Diet?

Some people feel that diets aren’t healthy at all.


For people who are already thin, this makes sense.


But there are a lot of overweight people in the world.  The only way to lose weight IS to make a change in your eating habits, which is usually classified as some type of diet.


It’s not necessarily something that you have to do forever.


There are some great choices out there for losing weight in a fairly quick manner so you can get it over with.  Are they all healthy?  Overall, honestly it seems like most diets are healthier than any previous way that a person might have been eating.


It seems to argue that a previous once-a-day-mcdonald’s addict is doing something less healthy by doing atkins, south beach, the hCG Diet, heck even Weight Watchers.  They all probably have their weak points, but again I ask you,


Are any of these options less choice than a person’s previous poor eating habits?


I rest my case.


So yeah, I believe in general, when done because you’re actually overweight, most diets are healthy enough.

Before and After hCG Diet Results

Here are some awesome results that people who have done the hCG Diet have had.  If you are looking to actually try the hCG diet out yourself, you can find some pretty straightforward info on it here:  hCG Injections



Popular Diets for Losing Weight

There are a number of diets people are using today to successfully lose weight.

Here are just a few that you can check out:

  1. Paleo
  2. Primal
  3. South Beach Diet
  4. hCG Diet
  5. Atkins


You can get a brief overview of each diet program below:


Synposis of the Paleo diet


Review of Primal eating


South Beach Diet


hCG Diet



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