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Current Options for Buying hCG Injections Online for the hCG Diet Protocol

It has been awhile since I’ve discussed your options for following the hCG diet plan – things have changed in recent years, and while the rules for telehealth become more and more stringent, you can still purchase hCG injections online legally through the online sources I’ve linked to.

These 4 sources that hCGChica mentions are all real companies with a brick and mortar office and use the laws governing telelhealth to have you fill out a medical intake form, either during or after the checkout process, after which a doctor prescribes you your hCG and mixing liquid and syringes, and then mails you the entire package directly from one of the compounding pharmacies they use.

Here’s an image of what a typical hCG injections kit like this looks like:

Kit of HCG Injections

One thing to keep in mind is that the FDA got involved with the use of hCG for the hCG Diet a few years ago, and while they didn’t make the prescription hCG hormone illegal to use, they did ban a number of companies making and selling homeopathic hCG sources. This is a common misunderstanding.

You can see this gal hCGChica’s real results with the hCG Diet here:

Noteworthy is that it appears she’s still maintaining her weight loss today, several years later.

Additionally, there are quite a few interviews with other women who have successfully lost quite a bit of weight with this protocol:

WebMD had a blurb about the hCG Diet but to be honest, that’s pretty much all it is – a blurb. The information is actually pretty useless.


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