Phase 3 hCG Diet Resources

I have looked around and while there is a lot of information for the actual hCG Diet protocol- exactly what to do during the weight loss phase, I was surprised to find there is very little guidance for the maintenance portion of the diet – what people call Phase 3 or P3 of the hCG Diet.

Program for Phase 3 of the hCG Diet

I did come across 1 program for Phase 3 of the hCG Diet that is actually even more detailed than the hCG program itself – Rayzel’s program called P3toLife.

Definitely check it out if you want something specific to follow.

Otherwise, you can also view her free resource guide for Phase 3 of the hCG diet here.

Here’s a photo of her program:

Pointers for P3

As far as the main pointers I picked up for P3 in my research, I would say it’s the following:

  1. Continue to avoid too many starches and sugars
  2. Gradually increase your calories rather than add them all back at once
  3. Add fats slowly

Weight Loss Is Hard – Don’t Waste Your Efforts

We all know losing weight is the exciting part- but it’s also super hard with a lot of depriving yourself. After you’ve been through all that, you don’t want to have short-lived results.

Somehow psychologically it’s not as exciting to simply maintain weight though. But it’s required if you don’t want to be yo-yo dieting for the next several years.

Plus dieting over and over does damage to your metabolism.

I think her P3 program makes eating healthy food much tastier and teaches you the tools to maintain long term.



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