Choose the Diet for You

What Defines a Healthy Diet?

Some people feel that diets aren’t healthy at all.


For people who are already thin, this makes sense.


But there are a lot of overweight people in the world.  The only way to lose weight IS to make a change in your eating habits, which is usually classified as some type of diet.


It’s not necessarily something that you have to do forever.


There are some great choices out there for losing weight in a fairly quick manner so you can get it over with.  Are they all healthy?  Overall, honestly it seems like most diets are healthier than any previous way that a person might have been eating.


It seems to argue that a previous once-a-day-mcdonald’s addict is doing something less healthy by doing atkins, south beach, the hCG Diet, heck even Weight Watchers.  They all probably have their weak points, but again I ask you,


Are any of these options less choice than a person’s previous poor eating habits?


I rest my case.


So yeah, I believe in general, when done because you’re actually overweight, most diets are healthy enough.

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